MONTAGE is the only cohesive, settable, and resorbable hemostatic bone putty that adheres to bleeding bone surfaces and is putty-like immediately upon opening.

MONTAGE is putty-like upon opening

MONTAGE can be mixed in 45 seconds

Instantly shapeable

Instantly cohesive

Instantly spreadable

A fully-mixed MONTAGE
putty will harden
within minutes
MONTAGE consists of two putties that, after hand-mixing together for 45 seconds, can be immediately applied to bleeding bone. Following application, MONTAGE will set (harden) within minutes and fully resorb during the bone remodeling process. The fully hardened material is primarily comprised of calcium phosphate and contains Vitamin E Acetate.

Easy to Prepare & Use During Ortho, Cranial, Maxillofacial, Trauma, Cardiothoracic, and Spine Procedures

  • Two-putties out of the package
  • Hand-mixable in 45 seconds
  • Can be applied to bleeding bone immediately following mixing
  • Easily spreads and interdigitates into bone pores (adheres to remain in place)1,2
  • Immediately controls bleeding via mechanical tamponade1,2
  • Conforms to the site of care and, unlike other settable calcium phosphate devices, can be irrigated and manipulated during the hardening phase1,2
  • Any partitioned Montage should be recombined immediately following mixing to ensure ease of application prior to hardening1,2
  • When fully hardened, Montage can be cut and removed from the application site using hands, tools and/or other instruments commonly available during surgical procedures1,2
  • Remains below normal body temperature during the setting process

Resorbable During Bone Remodeling Process

  • Up to 10% expansion caused by porosity that develops during the hardening phase facilitates early bony interdigitation and ultimate resorption1,2
  • Fully-resorbs during bone remodeling process1,2
  • Resorption time primarily tied to remodeling of calcium phosphate components1,2
1 When used according to the Instructions For Use.
2 Based on animal data on file, Abyrx*
* Results from animal studies may not be indicative of clinical results.

See instructions for use for full product information.