Aniq Darr, Ph.D.

VP, Product Development and Quality Affairs

Dr. Darr joined Abyrx® from ORTHOCON®,Inc. and currently serves as Vice President of Quality Affairs and Product Development. Prior to joining ORTHOCON, Dr. Darr was a research assistant professor at the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials at Rutgers University. During his tenure at the Center for Biomaterials, Dr. Darr worked with Dr. Joachim Kohn and the Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine to develop a new, resorbable polymer for use in treating orthopedic injuries on the battlefield. This work was supported by a $42 million grant awarded by the Department of Defense and was the principal technology used to create a novel bone void filler and fracture fixation device. Prior to his work with Dr. Kohn, Dr. Darr co-invented a hydrogel technology that is under active development for orthopedic, plastic, otolaryngologic, cardiothoracic, and ophthalmic surgeries.

Dr. Darr received a doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western University, completed his graduate training at the Cleveland Clinic, and is a named inventor and co-author on over 25 issued patents and peer-reviewed scientific publications.